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High-Quality Education

Canada is renowned for its world-class education system. Canadian universities and colleges consistently rank among the top in global university rankings, offering excellent academic programs and research opportunities.

Diverse Program Choices

Canada provides a wide range of study options, from undergraduate to postgraduate programs, across various disciplines.

Affordable Education

Compared to other popular study destinations like the United States and the United Kingdom, the cost of education in Canada is often more affordable. Tuition fees and living expenses are generally lower, making it an attractive option for international students.

Safe and Welcoming Environment

Canada is known for its multicultural society and welcoming nature. It has a reputation for being a safe and peaceful country, providing a supportive and inclusive environment for international students.

Post-Study Work Opportunities

Canada offers excellent post-study work opportunities for international students. After completing their studies, students may be eligible for a work permit allowing them to gain valuable work experience in Canada.

Immigration Pathways

Canada provides various immigration pathways for international students to stay and work in the country after graduation. Programs such as the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) facilitate the transition to permanent residency. Indian nationals have been leading in obtaining Canadian Permanent Residence since 2017.

Cultural Experience and Lifestyle

Studying in Canada offers a unique cultural experience. Students have the opportunity to explore diverse landscapes, engage with a vibrant multicultural

Quality of Life

Canada consistently ranks high in global quality of life indexes. It offers a high standard of living, access to healthcare, social benefits, and a clean and safe environment.

International Opportunities

Studying in Canada can open doors to international opportunities. Canadian degrees are recognized globally, providing graduates with a competitive edge in the global job market.

Key Facts

Important facts to know while studying in Canada


Fall (Sep), Winter (Jan), Summer (May)

No.of Universities

223 Universities

No of International Students:


Indian Diaspora in Canada

1.7 Million+

Average Tuition Fee

$18,000 CAD Per Annum

Average Cost of Living

$10,000 CAD Per Annum

Student Life

Canada has welcomed 2,26,450 Indian students, making the subcontinent the top source for international students entering the North American country

Economic Times, 2023

Top Universities to Study in Canada

University of Toronto

McGill University

University of British Columbia

University of Alberta

McMaster University

University of Waterloo

Western University

University of Calgary

Queen's University

University of Ottawa

These universities are renowned for their academic programs, research opportunities, and overall reputation. 

Work Opportunities for Students in Canada

There are three main types of work opportunities for international students while studying in Canada

On-Campus Employment

International students with a study permit can work on campus, which includes roles like library, dining, labs, and administrative jobs, such as teaching or research assistantships.

Off-Campus Employment

International students enrolled in a Canadian educational institution with a valid study permit can engage in off-campus employment. This type of work includes jobs outside the school, such as positions at grocery stores or restaurants, unrelated to the educational institution.

Co-Op/Internship Employment

International students with a valid study permit, currently enrolled in a Canadian educational institution, have the option for co-op/internship employment. These opportunities are usually relevant to the student's field of study and can be paid or unpaid.

Visa Assistance

Student Visa Requirements for Canada

Study permit

Who is it for

This is for students who want to study in Canada for more than six months.

When to apply

You should apply for a study permit as soon as you receive your letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution.

Arrival in Canada

You can arrive in Canada up to 4 weeks before the start of your program.

Student Partnership Program (SPP) visa

Who is it for

This is for students from designated countries who want to study in Canada for more than six months.

When to apply

The best time to apply for the Student Partnership Program (SPP) visa is when you have been accepted into a participating Canadian educational institution.


Arrival in Canada

You can arrive in Canada up to 4 weeks before the start of your program.