PTE Test Prep

PTE (Overview)

PTE (Academic) is a globally recognized English language test for study abroad and immigration, specifically in Australia and New Zealand. It is conducted by Pearson Language Tests, a division of Pearson PLC Group. 

The PTE suite of tests includes PTE Academic, PTE General, and PTE Young Learners. Accepted by thousands of institutions worldwide, including universities, colleges, and government agencies, the PTE (Academic) is taken by over 50,000 individuals annually.

It is also required for certain visa applications. The test measures English proficiency necessary for academic success and is accepted by notable Australian evaluation bodies and skilled licensing agencies.

What do we offer?

Comprehensive Training covering all sections of the PTE exam, including speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

Highly skilled and experienced instructors 

Individual Attention and Feedback.

Mock Tests and Practice Sessions.


Offering study materials, practice exercises, and sample tests specifically designed to prepare students for the PTE exam.

Sharing effective test-taking strategies and tips to maximize performance and achieve better results in the PTE exam.

Monitoring and tracking students' progress throughout the course to identify areas that require further improvement.

Providing online support, doubt-clearing sessions, and access to study materials for students' convenience.

Reading Test

The Reading test measures the different sorts of reading skills such as skimming and scanning

Writing and Language Test

The Writing tests assess the various writing skills such as descriptive writing

Listening test


Find answers to all your questions

Is there any prerequisite to appear for the PTE?

There is no specific educational qualification required to take the PTE Academic Exam. Candidates who are 16 years above can take the PTE Academic Exam.

What is the validity of my PTE score?

Your PTE score is valid for two years after the result is released.

Can I take the PTE more than once?

There is no limit to taking the PTE exam. You can take as much as you want.

Which training mode should you choose?

You can choose the training mode based on your location, schedules and target PTE score. It will be better to come to our classroom courses if you are near to our coaching center. If you want a good PTE score, you will be able to gain benefits from our Private Tutoring Plan. You can opt for an online course if you want just a little guidance from us.

Do I need to have the PTE score when applying to universities and colleges?

Yes, you need a PTE score to get admission in universities and colleges.

What are the qualifications of PTE trainers?

PTE trainers themselves attained good scores in PTE. Also, they trained numerous students and developed excellent practice materials.

Can I extend my course validity or usage hours?

Yes, you can pay a 50% extra course fee to extend the validity. Only thing is to let us know before your course expires.