IELTS Test Prep

Our test preparation programs for IELTS and PTE aim to help students achieve their desired scores on these English language proficiency tests. 

These tests are commonly required for university admissions, immigration, and job opportunities in English-speaking countries.

Our programs focus on developing skills in Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening through intensive practice.

IELTS Academic (Overview)

IELTS Academic is the suitable test for individuals who aspire to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies abroad or seek professional registration in fields such as law or medical practice. Unlike the IELTS General Training, which focuses on everyday communication, the IELTS Academic assesses your language abilities at an academic level. It determines your readiness to embark on educational or training endeavours. 

IELTS General (Overview)

The IELTS General Training is ideal for individuals who intend to immigrate to an English-speaking country or pursue studies at a level below a degree program, such as secondary education. To illustrate, if you reside in the United States and your parents plan to relocate with you, they would be required to take the IELTS General Training test. 

What do we offer?

  • Our team of 100+ highly skilled IELTS trainers is dedicated to helping you achieve the required band score and fulfil your dream of studying at your desired destination.
  • We offer various resources and learning methods like 
    • Traditional on-campus coaching, 
    • Online LIVE classes, 
    • Archived lectures, 
    • Video lessons, 
    • Practice tests, 
    • Simulated mock tests, 
    • Expert evaluation sessions, 
    • Exam day tips.
  • Our comprehensive approach ensures a 360˚ IELTS pedagogy, leaving no stone unturned to ensure your success in the test.

We have 100+ Trainers to help you achieve your study abroad dream


  • Spelling
  • Prediction
  • Understanding
  • Recognizing


  • Scanning
  • Skimming
  • Paraphrasing
  • Question understanding


  • Lexical resources
  • Coherence and Cohesion
  • Grammar
  • Task Response/Achievement


  • Pronunciation
  • Fluency, Coherence
  • Vocabulary

Top Features

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Experienced Tutors

We’ve tirelessly trained our tutors to provide you with the ideal study experience.

Indistinguishable Content

Neither too basic nor too advanced. Prepare at the same level of the actual exam with standardized materials.

Support at Every Step

Help from our trainers is readily available via email, telephone and social media.


Find answers to all your questions

Is there any pre-requisite to appear for the IELTS academic test?

IELTS Academic test is a language competency test used to assess language proficiency. Thus there are no set eligibility criteria to appear for the exam.

What is the IELTS score validity for the Academic test?

The IELTS academic score is valid for 2 years from the date of the TRF issue.

Can I appear for the IELTS academic test more than once a year?

Yes, you can appear for the IELTS academic exam any number of times, till you achieve your target score. The exam will be conducted 4 times a month.

Which training mode should I use for IELTS academic training?

You can choose the training mode which will suit your preparation schedule and availability. We have flexible batches to offer students with personalized training. Thus you can opt either for classroom training or online IELTS classes.

Does the IELTS Academic score required by the universities at the time of admission?

Yes, the universities need IELTS academic score to check whether you are the best fit for their courses.

What is the qualification of the IELTS academic trainers?

The Academic IELTS trainers in our institute are the best in the city and have more than 7 years of experience in IELTS training. They have helped more than 10,000 students to achieve their desired scores. They are all certified and trained to offer IELTS coaching.

What are the significant features of the IELTS academic course?

Our IELTS Academic course comes with several preparatory tests and mock test series that will help you in scoring your target score. Our trainers will train you in all the sections with the prescribed official syllabus. You will be provided with advanced study materials to prepare for your exam.

Is IELTS speaking and listening test the same as the AC test and GT test?

Yes, the speaking and listening sections are similar to the IELTS test versions.

Is there any possibility to extend my course duration?

Yes, you can extend your course duration based on your interest. if you wish to increase your duration you can reach out to us and renew your course duration.